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The Iron Knight (Iron Fey volume 4 - Ash POV) by Julie Kagawa


A big big thank you to those amazing people from netgalley for this. It felt like Christmas when I saw the e-mail. Now let’s get on reviewing.
I’m a sucker for books, YA in particular dealing with fairy lore and is no secret that the Iron Fey ranks up there with my favourite series. Now, we got Meghan telling us her amazing story. Then Puck pocked his way in and presented us with an –all – to – Puck – adventure and now we get Ash. I love Puck from the bottom of my heart but I am a Team Ash girl for who Meghan should end up with.

As I would have appreciated an Ultimate Sacrifice Ending as Julie herself puts it, I can’t say 'no' to a change at happy end. And if the road to that is paved with Ash’s thoughts and experiences then I cannot ask for anything more in life.
Ash has set out to find a way to me with Meghan like he vowed he would and this boy is on determined fey. The way to be with her – he needs a soul, he must become mortal. And together with Puck, the always present (except when danger is near) Grimalkin, and two new/old characters add to the company.
To “see” in Ash’s head has been quite an experience. It was something to see him as light and as dark through Meghan’s eyes, but now. Everything reached new levels. Ash is kind and was a kind prince in a way, but as I see it, Winter has a way of icing you. We get to find out cruel things Ash did (only natural as a Winter fey) and that shocks a great deal. Yet, I couldn’t find myself turning away from Ash because of that. He was young (as young goes for fey) he was Winter, and in the end he was fey. (Maybe writing a dissertation paper on Fairy Lore has made me understand more the way fey work, who knows? Or I’m just a freak for understanding cruelty as something natural.) The is a change in Ash as the novel gets to an end, and it is a very sweet change, like, for lack of better words – spring. The ice melted away slowly.

Puck, well Puck! Have I mentioned how much I love Puck? He is the same yet not. He still has his amazing one liners that he got us used to, but we can see that he is a wise fey, that he does have the age even if he acts like a child. And that he loves dearly his friends, and Meghan (even if he cannot have her the way he wishes). And his bickering with Ash is always a treat. I will miss these two together. But to this bickering duo there is another one, Grimalking of course and Wolf. I loved the insults passing between them and how Grim has kept the “Cats rule and dogs drool” thing going on. I cannot say more about the last addition to the company, because is one hell of a twist that I would have never seen coming.
Twist after twist with this one, and I loved the presence he/she/it made in the story. It also broke my heart a little.

But all things must come to an end, and the end is meant to praise the author for doing such an amazing job. It was a brilliant book and as well as series, with action, humor, a little horror, love and loss, and feelings, human feelings. Puck, Ash, Meghan, Grim, Wolf and their friends will not fade and get lost with the other Forgotten, because she has gave us their stories and we will keep them alive and ruling.