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A day with Ash or Puck (Edit)


So, this is a detailed version of the Puck day.
For one it will start at a Trick and Masks shop where we will put our stealth costumes. Puck would but a bauta (Casanova’s mask of choice) because let’s face it he could pull it off (looks at all the fan girls) and I’ll get a Kitsune mask.
With that we will go to a farm, steal some donkeys and set them free in Titania’s apartments, you know for past mistakes. (Pray to any god who will hear us that Oberon will be there too, just to be sure the prank is perfect).
After getting away from the wrath of kings and queens we would get to the woods and stuff out pockets with catnip and “hunt” for Grim. We could find him, we will find him. And we will drug me senseless and tie bells around his neck, maybe give him a belly rub and make him purr like a drunk kitten. Take pictures of course to be sure that if he comes after us all the fey see him in such inappropriate position.
To be on the safe side we will go to the mortal world, print those picture than hitch a ride to go and bungee jump from the Macau Tower, since it’s the highest jump, then get a faery path to Italy and do the Katun ride at Mirabilandia.
Of course get the pictures done and the T-shirts that we survived. And since we had enough iron we will head back the Trick shop and get a lot of glitter then go and sing a ballad to Leanan Sidhe. Maybe tick her off, because I will trust Puck to make the lyrics accordingly. We will probably steal some of her wine then head to the woods.
That would be the semi-ending: eating roasted mushrooms and apples and get pissed on Summerwine and party like it’s Samhain, dancing and laughing at the crazy pictures we took. If Grim is any wicked he will know that then will be the time to strike if he wants to get the compromising pictures.
Since we are so drunk of course we will do something Insane, as in head for the Iron Realm to sing a serenade and maybe have a Gremlin thrown at us. I always wanted a Gremlin of my own so I’ll be sure to catch it.
Perfect day with Puck, just fun and pranks and insane rides, no kissy face and no riding the Pooka, that if he doesn’t turn into a horse to run away as fast as we can. Then I will have to ride the Pooka because hey, I am no shape shifter.


I would have loved a day with Ash but Puck seems like the best guy to have a whole day with if you want to have crazy fun.

So, PUCK DAY baby! Puck day!

Well, we’ll start early in the morning doing mischief in the Summer court, maybe tick off Titania a little. Could get turned into a frog or something but it would be totally worth it.
Then hunt Grim down and try to tie some bells around his neck and all the day we will call him Fuzzy Wozzy you’re so cute.
Oddly both these ideas seem to have a possibility of ending up with a enemy. And we would stuff our pockets with cat nip to see if it works on him. Maybe first drug him with cat nip and then put a cute bell around his neck. Oh yes, that would be perfect.

And then if we manage to be alive after Grim wrath, I believe in Puck to get us out of jam, we could go in the most crazy roller coaster ever and then bungee jumping. And since those two insane rides will give us a day of idiot grin on our faces we will go and dress ourselves in glitter and pay a visit to Leanan Sidhe! and sing her a ballad.

I’m guessing that from all the previous mentioned activities bungee jumping is the safest. But hell, a day to nark three “people” one after the other, sounds like the best day.

And since we will have to come to an end with the crazy day I think that just camping in the woods and roasting apples and mushrooms on fire would be the best ending. It will be bound to end up in tears of laughter.
Oh oh and pay a visit a late night visit to the Iron Realm to serenade Meghan and Ash. We would be probably be drunk by then but hey, we’ll be marry.

Yup, this is my day with Puck! \^o^/

A.M Bells signing out because of major Summer Wine hangover :))