Blue Bloods Novella (Bloody Valentine) - Melissa de la Cruz


Even if I say I will update more often I fail at it. College is murder in this time. My head is already screaming to stop the torture. Anyway!

Blue Bloods is not a series I am crazy about like I would be for Mortal Instruments or Morganville. I got the first book this summer when I was working in the book fair. Ironically I got it from our competition tent :)). But I just had to get something. I'm not for competition and also the ones there were actually friends and cute boys :D. So, at this moment I have all the books, for some reason, even if it's not one of the books that might ever be first in my "To buy list"

But I have to admit I really liked the novella.

It has three stories:

1. Oliver orientated one
2. Allegra orientated
3. The bonding of Jack and Schuyler

As a side note, Jack has to be one of the first lead guys that I disliked from the beginning. :)) I like a little more now. ^_^ Now that he is finally brave enough to do what he wishes.
And Mimi got in my heart a little with her love for Kingsley Martin.

So, for the first story of the novella, I have to say it was my favorite. Just because Oliver is one of the favorite characters from Blue Bloods. Suffering from de-familiarizing he finds comfort in help in Freya, a witch.
This story left me wishing for more of Oliver and Freya, and hoping. ^_^ Oliver deserves a nice witch girl who won't suck his blood and hurt him.

The second story, is how Allegra met Schuyler's father while they were still as cool. It was a nice change, to "see" Allegra up and about. And not just in comatose.I was left a little confused because of this story but I guess the future books will clear more up.

And the best for last, I guess. ( Well, not for me. My Best was the Oliver story. Yaay.) Schuyler and Jack bonding. Not going so happy at the beginning but with a very hot and sweet ending.

Yup. I really liked reading this one. Nice, short. Just what I needed after a German exam.

PS: There was a lot "bow chika wow wow"! Quite new! :D

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